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Think tank: Turkish delight for ‘self-help’ exporters

As well as dodging a Black Country drenching, he enjoyed two days of relief from the incessantly bleak news emanating from the UK construction industry.

While his £100m-turnover company's cold-rolled steel was used in building the athletes' accommodation at the Olympic Village, Towe expects business at home to remain tough during 2012. "We need to find places where construction is active and here I am looking out of a window at a skyline full of cranes."

Towe's first visit to Turkey - which has left him wondering if he's "missing a trick by not being close enough to a massive, emerging economy" - was the result of an effort to avoid the impression David Milner, boss of £75m crisp company Tyrrells, was left with following a trade mission to Russia last year: "Kings of industry, plus me".

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