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UK and Turkey hope for joint venture success in Libya

The United Kingdom has partnered with Turkey to provide joint expertise as part of an innovative bid to win new business contracts in Libya.

This is the first time such an initiative has been attempted by the two countries inside Libya. Sixteen British companies are currently in Tripoli for a three-day visit to showcase their expertise together with 15 companies from Turkey.

"Clearly, Libya has a challenging infrastructural time ahead of it", said Kevin Cunningham, head of UK Trade & Investment in Libya. "The Turks have a good foothold in the market and offer a very competitive pricing structure as a prime contractor. British companies clearly have a lead in the more innovative design end of construction, project management and the more specialised end of engineering.

"We see this as being a very good mix between the two to get what is meant to be a very good product at a very good price".

Amongst the services that can be offered by the partnership, Cunningham says, are expertise in high-end technology, oil and gas, healthcare, education and a range of other infrastructure development projects.

As an example of how the partnership could work in practice, Cunningham cites the example of a power-generation facility wherein the majority of construction work, such as concrete pouring and other day-to-day building would be done competitively by Turkish contractors, whilst the design of the facility, the engineering and project management would be handled by the British.

In raw economic terms, Libya represents a potentially attractive destination for foreign investors, in particular at a time of sluggish economic growth in Europe and elsewhere.

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