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BP in Turkey

From Refining and Marketing investments and major Upstream projects to children's theatres on road safety, our work in Turkey is varied and wide-ranging.

BP has been in Turkey for nearly a century, with Anglo-Persian Oil Company opening an office in Istanbul (then the capital of the Ottoman Empire) in 1912.

BP's downstream businesses in Turkey date back to the 1940's. Apart from our significant R&M investments, such as Retail Fuels, Lubricants, BP Gas, BP has large strategic E&P projects in Turkey, such as the BTC Pipeline and the Shah Deniz gas supply system. BP and Turkey have been partners in major projects for many years. 

  • Over half the length and facilities, and most of the complexity of the Baku-Tblisi- Ceyhan Pipeline is in Turkey.

  • One of BP's most modern and high-tech lubricants plants is in Gemlik Turkey. Atas, the largest fuels terminal in the Eastern Mediterranean , is 68% owned by BP.

  • BP has fuels and LPG terminals and storage facilities at multiple sites throughout the country and many of these are joint ventures with other companies.

  • Supply and Logistics, Air BP, BP Marine and BP Shipping also operate in Turkey.

  • Castrol is very well known brand in the country. 

Along with BTC and Shah Deniz, BP is the only company involved in all sectors of Turkey's energy industry.

BP Turkey has identified to carry out its activities "without accidents, with no harm to people and no damage to the environment", as a priority working principle. In line with this policy, we are developing projects, and as a natural consequence of our responsibility towards society, we are carrying out awareness-raising activities against traffic accidents which claim thousands of lives in Turkey every year.

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-       BP Turkey has set up a Road Safety Children's Theatre which aims to contribute to raising the awareness of each individual of the society on road safety and to reducing traffic accidents in Turkey. As a natural part of this responsibility towards the society where it operates and its HSE principles, BP is carrying out a number of activities in the area of road safety. We have reached nearly 2 million children across the country through the team of our travelling theatre so far. We aim to reach even more children via our website within the scope of this social responsibility project launched in collaboration with the Department of Traffic Services of Turkish National Police.

-       Again, along the same lines, we lent our support for the establishment of the "Turkey Road Safety Platform" which operates via the web site.

-       Since 2003, the BTC Company, operated by BP, has provided support to social development projects along the pipeline.