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Esentepe Mah. Büyükdere Caddesi No:128 34394 Şişli-İstanbul, Türkiye

Toygun Özmen
Head of Trade and Supply Chain
Phone  (90) (212) 376 44 49
Fax      (90) (212) 376 27 43

Ayçıl Dumlu
Head of LIB
Phone  (90) (212) 376 44 91


HSBC Bank A.S. serves Turkey with a full range of products and services, an uncompromising dedication to customer satisfaction, and a commitment to making the world's local bank Turkey's favourite bank.

Having entered the Turkish market in 1990, the Bank established its presence on the pillars of the strength and prowess of the HSBC Group. It built on this foundation with a deep and broad understanding of the local economy and markets and through specialization in corporate banking and capital markets activities.

HSBC's well-established strong presence and know how in international business led HSBC Turkey to be positioned as an expert advisor  in the market, benefiting from the advantage of its global network and combining global expertise with local experience.

In addition, HSBC's strong presence and trade expertise in the countries with high trade volumes brings a strong competitive advantage together with extensive product offerings for Turkey.

Turkey has an open market economy, with trade-to-GDP ratio of 40.2%. It is the 32nd largest merchandise exporter globally (0.8% of world's exports) and the 20th largest importer (1.2% of the world's imports). Forecasts for Turkey's export and import growth outpace that of the world trade.

European Union is Turkey's most important export market (63% of exports). The UK, being among top 3 destinations for Turkey's exports and top 10 countries within Turkey's source of imports, has always been one of the most important trade partners.

HSBC's presence in the UK align with key trade corridors for HSBC Turkey,  having substantial branch network throughout the country covering the majority part of trade business and has experienced service delivery for trade products including risk mitigation capabilities such as silent confirmation and forfaiting. HSBC Turkey is aiming to grow its market share with full-fledged classical trade finance products and sophisticated structures via its dedicated Trade Business Development and Operations Teams.

International trade is rapidly expanding and HSBC's global footprint means it's uniquely placed to meet the customers' growing international banking needs.

HSBC Turkey's 2010 Voice of Customer research findings indicated that customers and non-customers are attracted to HSBC, because of its international expertise and global reach.

That's why for HSBC, "International Business" means more than just the import and export of goods. It also includes:

  • Import and export of services

  • Inward and outward foreign direct investment

To be "The Leading International Business Bank" (LIB) is a core strategic objective for HSBC. Leading International Bank proposition enables HSBC Turkey to make HSBC's global network available to its corporate and commercial customers, by providing international investment and trade products and services with the quality of the HSBC Brand.

With demand for International Banking needs increasing in the Turkish market, HSBC's global network structure brings strength in competition. Among HSBC's advantages are;

International Footprint

  • Global connectivity: Size and scale through its extensive global coverage

  • Compelling and comprehensive suite of cross-border products and services to capture a significant share of the international business globally

  • HSBC presence in top trading partners

  • Dedicated LIB team

  • Emerging markets expertise

International product offering

  • HSBC Turkey's Trade and Supply Chain Management team recognized as top market player

  • Superior end-to-end capabilities

With its expertise in the domestic market and devotion to serving that market in the forefront of the competition, combined with its distinct advantage in providing privileged access to one of the world's largest financial networks, HSBC Bank is well-placed to set the pace of banking in Turkey.