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The UK/Turkey relationship is a strong one.

Both countries are strong economic partners, allies in NATO, and are working together for Turkey's accession to the European Union.

Around two million Britons holiday in Turkey every year, while 100,000 Turks travel to the UK for business or pleasure. The aim of the Embassy and of other posts in Turkey is to sustain and develop this important relationship.

Turkey is a priority country for the UK's Strategic policy goals.

It is a developing energy corridor to Europe. Turkey's EU membership process is of particular importance to its progress in all areas and to its meeting the highest standards of democracy, fundamental freedoms and human rights.

Turkey is also important in terms of the FCO's essential services. It is the seventh largest UK visa market centre worldwide. It is a major trading partner and destination for UK investment, as well as a promising inward investor to the UK and regional hub for international business. It is a major tourist destination, and home to an increasing number of resident British nationals.

Through the embassy's global network, there is huge potential on educational cooperation and related exports, on which the British Council leads.

Consular Services

The British Government attaches the highest priority to protecting the interests of British nationals overseas. In Turkey, consular services to British and certain other nationalities are provided by the Embassy in Ankara, the Consulate General in Istanbul and other Consulates.

Consular offices are located throughout Turkey, at the Embassy in Ankara, the British Consulate General in Istanbul, the British Consulate in Izmir, the British Vice-Consulate in Antalya and the British Honorary Consulates in Marmaris, Bodrum and Adana.

UKTI Section

Business promotion is central to the objectives of the British Embassy and Consulate General in Istanbul. A central task is to introduce UK firms to the market and to help those already here. The focus of this work is carried out by the Embassy and Consulate General and assisted by UK Trade and Investment. They provide a bridge between government and industry designed to encourage British companies to develop export strategies for Turkey. UK Trade and Investment concentrates in particular on sectors where there are the best opportunities. As part of this the Embassy and Consulate General organise a range of activities and facilitate co-operation between British and Turkish companies.

They also provide assistance for British companies who wish to invest in Turkey.

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